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Axion tents provide you with an easy inflatable, lightweight, air-sealed solution. Guaranteed to be set up in 10 minute, they are fast to install and require no electricity to run. They are silent and most importantly can be tailored to your specific branding requirements.

Take advantage of our free CAD design service allowing you to create a unique tent with your logos and artwork. Ask us how today.

So why choose an Axion?

1.    SO VERSATILE - start with the basic roof structure and add components as you need them thus building on the investment you have made by choosing the AXION range.  

2.     INTERCHANGEABLE- add new walls, visor, floors, LED lights, ballast bags or even a new roof without having to replace the starting framework.  So, for example, should you wish to change your existing branded message on the roof ‘skin’ you are able to do so, without having to buy a whole new structure. This way you are able to grow your ‘family’. 

3.     HIGHEST QUALITY – made with superior TPU bladders designed to last many years and events.  Withstanding extreme weather conditions and wind speeds up to 70km per hour, they are perfect for extreme sporting events and locations.

We can also supply a range of matching inflatable furniture, promotional arches, shapes (3D tunnels, branded structures, spheres, cubes - anything you can imagine) and furniture (tables, donut seats, arm chairs, couches and recliners).

See for yourself why these tents are the perfect solution to your event needs here.

Check out the standard colour range here or fully brand your tent to match your logo/ artwork.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, the full range of AXION products can be found HERE and a brochure for the full range is available