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ECLETTICA - Fixed Hard Roof Gazebos

ECLETTICA is a unique, elegant structure which is waterproof, visually stunning and designed to minimise acoustic reverberation.

The main point of difference from the QZEBO is the fixed roof with integrated ambient lighting and sound absorption technology. The ECLETTICA roof is made from soundproof panels to reduce noise pollution, hence provides a peaceful environment to enjoy.

It can be installed quickly, at almost any location. For example, a 5m x 6m can be assembled in 4 hours by 2 people with lifting equipment. ECLETTICA does not require maintenance or after-sales services.

The standard range of ECLETTICA gazebos are available in width spans from 3m through to 6m. We also offer the opportunity to customise to suit a variety of spans, lengths and heights.

The modular design enables ECLETTICA cubes to be linked easily to further expand your usable outdoor space without having destructive works carried out.

The ECLETTICA would be a stylish addition to any domestic garden or terrace for private use, and is perfect for the hospitality industry hosting outdoor dining at bars, restaurants and boutique hotels.

  • Waterproof and watertight
  • Insulation system with 30/70 mm thick sandwich panels that provide thermal insulation, soundproofing and thermo-acoustic insulation
  • Soundproofing roof using sound-absorbing panels with rock wool, 70 mm thick, which guarantee the limitation of reverberation close to T 0
  • The thermal break panel eliminates the problem of condensation
  • Integrated rainwater drainage in the columns
  • Integrated under-roof lighting system with LED strip or RGB indirect light
  • Perimeter walls with drop-down curtains ZIP technology or sliding glass panels to match the structure
  • Optional extra of installing photovoltaic panels

What is Eclettica, and what are its key features?

Eclettica is a pergola with a false ceiling designed to reflect sound waves on its walls. It also features a roof suitable for the installation of solar panels, allowing you to generate energy from renewable sources.

Why is Eclettica considered a harmonic synthesis of different technologies?

Eclettica combines various technologies to address the growing demand for ecological solutions and the need for all-around comfort, including considerations for acoustics and aesthetics.

What is unique about the design of Eclettica?

The distinguishing feature of Eclettica is its sober, simple, and essential lines. It has a forward-looking design that encourages interactions between communities and nature while producing renewable energy.

How does Eclettica enhance acoustics and visuals?

Eclettica's design includes a false ceiling equipped with a membrane and panels that reflect sound waves. It also offers the option to install solar panels on its roof, enhancing both acoustic and visual aspects.

What is the advantage of having solar panels on the roof of Eclettica?

Solar panels on the roof of Eclettica allow you to harness renewable energy from the sun, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to sustainability.

Are there color and finish options for Eclettica?

Eclettica features warm colors and a matte finish, painted with high-resistance epoxy powder. This enhances the product's quality and durability while giving it a cozy appearance that complements natural elements.

Can Eclettica be customized with additional accessories?

Yes, Eclettica can be complemented with various accessories, including sliding edging profiles with PVC or glass membranes, decorative drapes, telescopic features, and glass windshields. These options allow you to tailor Eclettica to your specific needs and preferences.

Is Eclettica suitable for both residential and commercial use?

Eclettica can be used in both residential and commercial settings, making it versatile for various applications, such as creating comfortable outdoor spaces in homes or enhancing the ambiance of commercial establishments.

How can I obtain more information about Eclettica, including pricing and installation details?

For detailed information about Eclettica, including pricing, installation guidelines, and availability, please contact the manufacturer or supplier directly. They will be able to provide you with specific product details and assist with your inquiries.

Is Eclettica designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions?

Eclettica is designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions, but the durability may vary depending on factors like the climate and the specific accessories chosen. It's advisable to discuss your requirements with the manufacturer to ensure the product suits your environment.

How much snow load can Eclettica withstand?

Eclettica can support snow loads of up to 50 kg per square meter (100 kg per square meter in the reinforced version) and is designed to withstand wind forces.

Does Eclettica offer thermal control?

Yes, Eclettica features an isothermal cover with sandwich panels that helps maintain a controlled internal temperature, enhancing comfort in various weather conditions.

Can Eclettica provide acoustic control?

Absolutely, Eclettica allows for the integration of sound-absorbing panels, which can reduce environmental noise and provide maximum acoustic comfort.

Is Eclettica an eco-friendly choice?

Yes, Eclettica can integrate various types of photovoltaic modules, making it a sustainable choice for harnessing solar energy. There's also an option for an integrated turnkey photovoltaic system, known as the Eclettica Solar Power photovoltaic pergola.

What other features does Eclettica offer?

Eclettica comes with a simplified structure requiring minimal maintenance. It offers integrated drainage, LED lighting, and optional drop-down curtains and sliding glass that seamlessly integrate with the structure.

What are the dimensions of the standard module for Eclettica?

The maximum dimensions of the self-supporting standard module are 500 x 600 cm, with a maximum total height of 326 cm. Eclettica is available in square or rectangular shapes.

What is the supporting frame made of?

The supporting frame of Eclettica is 100% aluminum, designed with typical Italian craftsmanship.

What are the standard frame colors available for Eclettica?

The standard frame colors include White (matt), Dove Grey (matt), Dark Brown (matt), and Special Grey (smooth). Additional colors from the RAL range with smooth glossy or smooth matt finishes are available upon request.

What type of fabric is used for the roofing sheet?

Eclettica uses mainly Precontraint PVC fabric by Ferrari, a renowned manufacturer of structural fabric used in tensile structures.

What optional features are available for Eclettica?

Optional features for Eclettica include sliding closures with side openings, sliding glass windows, VOK roller blinds, sliding rollers with zips (complete with case and side rails), and a lighting system called Stip LED.

Can I have flooring?

Yes we can provide integrated Horizon flooring for every size.

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