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Negative Pressure Inflatable Medical or Industrial Tent

Our easy to install inflatable Negative Pressure tent is designed to create a negative pressure environment inside the tent and reduce the risk of contamination. 

- Triage medical tent for respiratory virus or contagious assessment

- Isolation or Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

- Medical tent

- Industrial safety tent


Features of our Negative Pressure inflatable tent are

- Prevents the spread of contaminated air

- Provides more than 2.5 Pascal negative pressure when entry door is closed and sealed.

- 12 ACH (Air changes per hour) is possible with proper negative pressure unit.

- Rapid and easy deployment

- There are Pass boxes on the side of tent wall for access pipes or electrical ducting


- Frame: Airtight inflatable fabric, 26 ~38 oz, 0.65mm ~ 0.9mm thick, Durable enough against

4.3 psi (Inside frame pressure)

- Cover: 600Deniar polyester coated by Polyurethane, Waterproof, Fire retardant and UV

treated. 0.4mm thick, 10oz

- Tent size: 13’ x 13’

- Tent height: 9’

- Weight: 150 lbs

- Time to inflate: About 5 minutes

- Custom sizes are available



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